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Campaign Eylau-Friedland

In the Fall of 1806, Napoleon's "La Grande Armée" destroyed the Prussian army in a series of battles and pursuit actions. Pressing on to the east he decided to conduct a winter campaign in Poland. Facing him were the Russian army and the Prussian corps of Gen. Lt. L'Estocq. After the initial campaign in December, where his forces were unable to decisively defeat the Allies at the Battles of Pultusk and Golymin, Napoleon decided to put his army into winter quarters. The Russians, under the command of General Bennigsen, came out of winter quarters to engage in offensive operations and nearly defeated Maréchal Bernadotte's I Corps at Mohrungen. The Allies drove on Guttstadt and Allenstein but the French outmaneuvered them and the Allies were compelled to retreat. Following these actions the French army took the offensive and drove the Russians back on Eylau where both sides fought to a bloody draw. Both armies went back into winter quarters to emerge and engage once again in battle in June with the French army emerging victorious at Friedland.

Campaign Eylau-Friedland recreates the battles of the campaign in Poland of 1806-07. These were fought initially in the frozen countryside of Poland and East Prussia during the winter months of December through February and in the spring of 1807 at the end of which the French and their allies emerged victorious.

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