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Kiev '43

After the debacle at Kursk in July of 1943, the Russians followed up their victory with a series of campaigns to drive the Germans out of Russia. The first of these was Operation Kutuzov, lasting from 14 July to 14 August, where the Axis forces tried to hold a line at Bryansk but failed. After this the Russians kicked off Operation Rumiantsev, from 3 - 24 August, where the Soviets captured Kharkov and liberated the eastern Ukraine. The next major objective on their list was to cross the Dnepr River line and liberate Kiev, the third largest city in the Soviet Union.

Facing the Soviet Union's forces to defend Kiev were the depleted 4th Panzerarmee and the 8th Army forces. Hitler's vaunted "East Wall" relied very much upon the Dnepr River to hold back the advancing Russian armies. The failure to properly fortify this line meant that the German soldiers would be fighting in trenches rather than bunkers. Following a series of river crossings in locations north and south of Kiev, the Russians finally broke through the Germans lines north of Kiev and captured the Ukrainian capital by the 6th of November. What followed after this was a swift pursuit of the German forces only to be checked by the arrival of armored reserves. What followed was a classic pitched battle where the Wehrmacht and SS forces tried to smash the Russians and retake Kiev.

In Kiev '43, as the commander of the Russian 1st Ukrainian Front, you have several armies at your disposal to defeat the vaunted German Wehrmacht. As the German commander you will have at your disposal the powerful panzer forces able to wreck havoc upon their Soviet foes. Included are scenarios that let you recreate all four phases of the campaign from the battle in the Bukrin bridgehead to the final battle near Korosten where the Germans made one last attempt to destroy the Russian forces and roll on to victory. The stage is set! All that is lacking is for you to kick off one of the most whirlwind campaigns on the Eastern Front!

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System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Disk Space: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB

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